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Home from home for young musicians

The Bunschoten Fund offers the former residence of founder Willem Bunschoten to young musicians. The Bunschoten House offers a warm, temporary residence to young, international music students who are following part-time classes or a masterclass at the Amsterdam Conservatory. The residence is also open to renowned classical musicians who are briefly staying in Amsterdam for their performance(s). There is room for four guests at any one time.


About the house
Besides his capital, founder Willem Bunschoten also left his house to The Bunschoten Fund. Here he lived during the last decades of his life. By now this nearly one hundred years old building enjoys the official status of monument. It was renovated in 2013 to house young musicians for a short or longer period. Willem Bunschoten never considered the money he inherited from his parents, and later from his niece, as his own. By the end of his life he decided to dedicate the money to music, which resulted in the establishing of ‘Het ir. Etward Bunschoten Fonds’ (The Bunschoten Fund) and, as a part of it, The Bunshoten House. Read more history

The Bunschoten House is beautifully situated in one of Amsterdam’s old neighborhoods. The reconstruction has been done with respect for its protected status and the unique division with a ‘voorhuis’ and a ‘achterhuis’, while still adding modern comfort for its young visitors.

Conditions for applying
You can apply for a stay in The Bunschoten House:
- if you are a temporary student at the Conservatory of Amsterdam or an established musician,
- with a maximum of four guests simultaneously,
- for a stay of one to five months,
- when a Dutch legal entity (like a foundation or a trust) offers a guarantee for the guests.

The Board of The Bunschoten Fund can make exceptions to this policy under special circumstances. Certain conditions apply to staying in The Bunschoten House, such as the guests and the legal entity signing a user’s agreement that guarantees your stay. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in termination of the stay.

How to apply
You can apply for a stay for yourself or someone else or a group through the button ‘Start application’ below. Among others, you will be needing the following information:
- name and surname, date of birth and nationality of the proposed guests,
- the preferred length of the stay (between one and eight months).

Guests with a non-Dutch nationality may be required to produce a residence permit.

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