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The Bunschoten Fund is proud to present itself to you on this website. We are convinced that the future of classical music is not self-evident, but also dependent on the attention, time and money all of us are willing to dedicate to it. It is up to all of us to make sure the famous and beloved, but also the lesser known works will continue to be heard on the podiums. To ensure that mature craftsmanship is transferred to new generations and to the ensembles and orchestras of the future. It is up to you and us to protect the unique, fragile classical music culture, wherever and whenever possible, against current government budget cuts. In doing this we will realize the last wish of our founder in an appropriate manner.


The Bunschoten Fund (in full ‘Stichting Het ir. Etward Bunschoten Fonds’) supports cultural organizations who are actively engaged in classical music in general and the youth in particular. Because the bond with youth is a bond with the regeneration that the fund stands for. Now that the national and local governments are continuing to withdraw their support, the transfer of knowledge and skills is left standing in the cold. The Bunschoten Fund supports the classical music culture in the Netherlands by supporting organizations in their continuity and self-reliance. In fact, the fund offers a subsidy in kind, although actual funding is a possibility:
Organizations are eligible for support if they strive towards continuity and self-reliance in the long term. Examples are:
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