Who is BF for?

The Bunschoten Fund supports cultural organizations that are actively engaged in classical music in general and that want to interest youth in particular. We can support your organization in your continuity and self-reliance. Examples are:
• orchestras, ensembles, performing arts festivals and podiums for classical music,
• that are also actively engaged with talented individuals (young and old) in classical music,
• that have clear long-term ambitions.


What does BF offer?

The Bunschoten Fund offers a subsidy in kind, although actual funding is a possibility. To give you an impression:
• analysis of the current fundraising activities, executed by an agency specialized in fundraising,
• advice on the possibilities of creating a structural source of income, including a complete action plan,
written by a specialized agency.


Why are you called The Bunschoten Fund?

It was Willem Bunschoten’s wish that his legacy would benefit classical music. He was seriously worried about the cuts being made by the government and wanted to act. So, in 2011 he established The Bunschoten Fund, named after his (musical) father Etward.


Where does BF’s money come from?

From Willem Bunschoten’s legacy. He had no children of his own. He inherited the money from his parents and a niece. The timeline automatically leads one to the source of this family capital, a plantation in the former Nederlands-Indië. You can read more about this on the page Origins on this website.


Can I also visit BF?

BF is a modest fund and has no staff or office. We do have a board that executes the tasks on a voluntary basis. Also, Willem Bunschoten left behind his own house, that offers musicians and students a place to stay. You can read more about this building on the page Our House.