The Bunschoten Fund supports unique initiative aimed at youth: the Amsterdam Young Philharmonic

Imagine: an orchestra whose young members decide for themselves what they want to perform and how the concerts are organized. In a nutshell that is AYPhil (pronounced as ‘I feel’). This new project for high school students is an initiative of the Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra in collaboration with the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra | Netherlands Chamber Orchestra. The Bunschoten Fund was immediately charmed by the unique assumptions of the AYPhil and supported the first concert with a € 5,000 contribution. AYPhil…

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The Oranjewoud Festival takes a leading role in renewing classical music

The verdant parkland Oranjewoud hosts the Oranjewoud Festival, which connects people with classical music through an exciting program. The Bunschoten Fund supports the festival with a contribution of € 20,000, of which € 5,000 in cash and € 15,000 in the form of a coaching program that enhances the fundraising efforts. There’s a broad audience that feels at home at the Oranjewoud Festival: from aficionados of classical music and culture, to hipsters or families with children. The Festival succeeds in…

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Relaxed ambiance during Wonderfeel eases the access to classical music

One of The Bunschoten Fund’s goals is ‘to protect the unique, fragile classical music culture’. This also means connecting with the changing appetites of the audience as far as leisure activities are concerned. A good example of this contemporary way of conveying classical music is Wonderfeel in ’s-Graveland. The Bunschoten Fund supports the modest festival with a Quick Scan worth € 5,080 and a contribution of € 5,000 for acquiring the Dutch charitable foundation status. The six roofed in stages…

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Tradition and renewal united in Operadagen Rotterdam (‘Opera Days Rotterdam’)

Conserve all that is good about classical music for the future. That requires a subtle balance between tradition and renewal; something Operadagen Rotterdam succeeds in — par excellence. This was proven once again during the twelfth edition in 2017. Operadagen Rotterdam is diverse and accessible; these are the main reasons why the international branch society Classical:NEXT put the cultural institution on the Innovation Award shortlist — the only Dutch candidate. The Bunschoten Fund has given a Quick Scan, worth €…

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Innovation in classical music suits KAM

Typical for KAM are the innovative programs and the exceptional contact with the audience. Musicians take chamber music aficionados on an adventure. To support this progressive way of working, The Bunschoten Fund has made a Quick Scan available, worth € 5,080. KAM can rightly be considered as one of the most adventurous concert series in Amsterdam. For both the experts and those who want to acquaint themselves with a solid repertoire, but within new frames and without downgrading from the…

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Fund teaches orchestras and ensembles how to earn money

Dutch business newspaper the Financiële Dagblad about The Bunschoten Fundby Bert Koopman 2013 The sixteenth edition of the Grachtenfestival (Amsterdam Canals Festival, starting August 16, not only brings us music, but also a business scoop. The Bunschoten Fund is supporting the concert series Terra Incognita: young musical talents and experienced musicians performing together in the Hotel Krasnapolsky’s Winter Garden. The Fund also offers orchestras, ensembles, festivals and podiums professional help in enhancing their income-generating possibilities now that funding opportunities are…

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Lucie Horsch wins first Bunschoten Younger Talent Award

Since the summer of 2015 the Bunschoten Younger Talent Award (Bunschoten Jonger Talent Prijs) has been presented annually to the most eye-catching young musician during the Grachtenfestival (Amsterdam Canals Festival) Amsterdam. With this new initiative The Bunschoten Fund broadens its activities beyond its regular support of musical groups. This new initiative is a broadening of the Bunschoten Fund activities, which turn the wish of founder Willem Bunschoten into a reality: encouraging young musicians, and with it the future of classical…

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The Bunschoten Fund supports the Junior Canals Festival Amsterdam with a financial contribution and sponsoring of a new award

Since its establishment, The Bunschoten Fund has enjoyed close ties with the Grachtenfestival Amsterdam (Canals Festival Amsterdam) and has previously sponsored the concert series ‘Terra Incognita’. This cooperation will continue with a contribution of € 15,000 for the Junior Grachten Festival (Junior Canals Festival) and the new Bunschoten Jonger Talent Prijs (Bunschoten Younger Talent Award) that is connected to the festival. The Junior Canals Festival is inseparably connected to the Canals Festival Amsterdam and is a true feast for children…

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Alexander Warenberg wins Bunschoten Younger Talent Award 2016

On August 20, 2016, the Bunschoten Younger Talent Award was presented to Alexander Warenberg (cello). With the Bunschoten Younger Talent Award, the Fund continues its collaboration with the Canals Festival Amsterdam. The Award was presented for the second time during the Junior Canals Festival. Winner Alexander Warenberg studies at the Sweelinck Academie with Marjes Benoist and won a first prize at the Prinses Christina Concours earlier this year. On the photograph left to right: R.G. Muller, treasurer of The Bunschoten…

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Third Bunschoten Younger Talent Award to Maria Pedano

On August 19, 2017 the Bunschoten Younger Talent Award was once again presented, this time to Maria Pedano (hobo and singing). The Bunschoten Younger Talent Award is a collaboration between The Bunschoten Fund and the Canals Festival Amsterdam. This year the Award was presented for the third time, as usual as a part of the Junior Canals Festival. Maria Pedano is a multi-talented youth who was at the center of attention several times before. During the 32nd Concours de la…

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