The Bunschoten Fund supports organizations in the Dutch classical music culture in their aspirations for continuity and self-reliance. The Fund does this by helping music organizations generate more of their own income, for example from donors and sponsors. The Bunschoten Fund offers music organizations a subsidy opportunity in kind — by involving a fundraising specialist agency — and/or a contribution in the form of a sum. The subsidy is meant only for legal entities.

Basically, The Bunschoten Fund offers gifts with a value between € 10,000 and € 30,000.

In order to be eligible, classical music organizations are expected to aspire to continuity and self-reliance in the long term. Examples are:

  • orchestras, ensembles, performing arts festivals, and podia for classical music,
  • organizations that are actively engaged with talented individuals (young and old) in classical music,
  • organizations that have clear long-term ambitions,
  • organizations that operate within the Netherlands, and are established here.

Not eligible are:

  • applications from private persons,
  • costs for research and publications, study costs, seminars, congresses and international travel, political or evangelizing organizations,
  • one-off activities.

Please supply us with the following documents:

  • Introduction letter. Describe (in 1,000 words maximum) the self-sustainability needs your organization has, and which fundraising activities you’ve already engaged on. Please include:
    •   – in short: your organization’s history,
    •   – your motivation for this application,
    •   – the purpose of your organization and how you might achieve that goal,
    •   – what improvements or changes, in your opinion, your fundraising might need,
    •   – what your organization needs to enhance self-sustainability.
  • A short description of the organization (with a maximum of one A4 page), including history, marketing, publicity and financing.
  • Most recent policy and activity plan, including an overview of fundraising activities for this year and the next.
  • Most recent annual report and financial report (income statement and balance sheet)
  • Copy of the deed concerning the current statutes or the latest statute changes.
  • Copy of an up-to-date extract from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel).

Start your application by clicking on the button below and going through the application menu. We advise you to gather the requested papers first, so that you can upload them during the application process.

Limitations concerning the application
You can submit your application online, digital only. Applications sent on paper will not be considered by The Bunschoten Fund.

Applications that are submitted by agencies will not be considered. Pro forma applications submitted solely for the purpose of establishing the chances of an application succeeding will not be considered.

When can you apply?
You can only submit your application in the designated periods. The Board of The Bunschoten Fund holds meetings in March and September about the awarding of gifts. The application period for the meeting in March runs from October 1 of the year preceding the meeting until February 1 of the year in which the meeting is held. The application period for the meeting in September runs from April 1 until October 1, both of the same year. Your application outside of these periods will not be accepted.

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