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Coaching and financial support for Tromp Percussion Eindhoven

One of two organizations The Bunschoten Fund chose in 2014 was Tromp Percussion Eindhoven. The Bunschoten Fund aids Tromp with establishing financial continuity in the form of a coaching program, supplemented with a financial contribution.

Every two years, Tromp Percussion Eindhoven brings the world’s best percussionists together during the international percussion competition Tromp International Percussion Competition Eindhoven. A week-long competition, surrounded by unique concerts and productions, versatile education projects and a composition competition. Since its founding in 1971, Tromp has organized twenty competitions and has welcomed many prime talents. The list of prize winners says everything about the position the organization upholds in the music world: among other things Emmy Verhey (1971), pianist Bart van de Roer (1996), percussionist Claire Edwardes (2000) and the Dutch percussionist Dominique Vleeshouwers. All winners have since evolved into excellent musicians with an international career.

The fact that there is also a prominent place for young talent during the Tromp International Percussion Competition Eindhoven has attracted the interest of The Bunschoten Fund. The Fund aims at conserving classical music for the future. The part of new generations in that future can hardly be overstated. Tromp Percussion Eindhoven was named after Theo Tromp (1903-1984), former chairman of the board of Philips and in that capacity a prominent business figure in the city of Eindhoven and a strong supporter of culture. Through his legacy and the generous support of the city of Eindhoven, the competition has grown since the early 1970s into an event with international allure. Members of the jury through the years have included Evelyn Glennie, Colin Currie, Peter Sadlo, Nancy Zeltsman, Emmanuel Séjourné, Bill Cahn, James Wood, Anders Loguin, Andre Pushkarev, Trilok Gurtu and Terry Bozzio.

For the 23rd Tromp International Percussion Competition Eindhoven, in November 2016, international jury members will once again participate, side by side with prime percussionists like Colin Currie, Evelyn Glennie and Mark Pekarsky.