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The Oranjewoud Festival takes a leading role in renewing classical music

The verdant parkland Oranjewoud hosts the Oranjewoud Festival, which connects people with classical music through an exciting program. The Bunschoten Fund supports the festival with a contribution of € 20,000, of which € 5,000 in cash and € 15,000 in the form of a coaching program that enhances the fundraising efforts.

There’s a broad audience that feels at home at the Oranjewoud Festival: from aficionados of classical music and culture, to hipsters or families with children. The Festival succeeds in bridging high quality with low thresholds. The result is a boost for the Heerenveen municipality. Of special interest to The Bunschoten Fund is the fact that the Festival invests in educational and participatory programs. A stable, successful society can only function, according to the Oranjewoud Festival’s organizers, if there are sustainable connections between all people. The Festival can play a constructive part in that: values such as openness, connectedness and diversity are a natural part of the arts, which society need as well.

Several names stand out in the 2017 program: Noa Wildschut and Lucie Horsch (winner of the Bunschoten Younger Talent Award 2015) with the Opening Concert, private concerts for hotel guests inside their rooms, exhibitions and performances of sound artist Hans van Koolwijk, the Candle Light Concert, Teepees classic (a stroll from tent to tent for three different concerts), Waltzing in the Woods with festive dance music by Johann Strauss, tangos and foxtrots by the LUDWIG ensemble, Minimal Landscapes with music by Steve Reich and Fuse Studio Live, performed by one of the most exhilarating classical bands.