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Pianoduo Festival establishes ANBI proof foundation with support from The Bunschoten Fund

With a contribution of € 5000 from The Bunschoten Fund, the Pianoduo Festival can establish a fully ANBI-proof foundation. ANBI is the Dutch designation for a Public Benefit Organization, as used by the Dutch Tax Administration. Submitting to the ANBI rules is a requirement for a careful approach to fundraising, but for smaller organization it can be a difficult legal and administrative task. With the contribution from The Bunschoten Fund the Pianoduo Festival can call for fiscal and legal help in making this necessary step as soon as possible.

The Pianoduo Festival is organizing its third edition in October 2015 in the Amstel Church in Amsterdam. Lestari Scholtes and Gwylim Janssens are the artistic leaders of what the Pianoduo Festival calls ‘the get together of the world of twenty fingers on one and two pianos’. This will take place in the form of classical music and jazz, with special attention to children and workshops, and the participation of leading musicians like Arthur and Lucas Jussen, the Israeli Silver-Garburg Pianoduo, jazz pianists Mike del Ferro and Mike Boddé, and of course the piano duo Scholtes & Janssens themselves and many more.

Another part of the festival is the Open DuoPodium, where all (amateur) duos, young and old, beginners or advanced, can participate. Four piano duos also get the unique opportunity to follow a public masterclass with Piano duo Scholtes & Janssens. Go to the interview met Pianoduo Festival