The Bunschoten Fund enables concert series ‘Terra Incognita’

The concert series ‘Terra Incognita’, part of the Grachtenfestival (Amsterdam Canals Festival) has in part been made possible by The Bunschoten Fund. It premiered on August 19. Monday August 19: Rosanne van Sandwijk (mezzosoprano) and members of the Netherlands Bach SocietyTuesday August 20: Nicolas van Poucke and Igor Roma (pianist)Wednesday August 21: Thomas Beijer (pianist) and Erik Vaarzon Morel (guitarist)Thursday August 22: Mikhail Zemtsov (violist), Quirine Viersen (cellist) and Dudok Kwartet (string quartet)

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The Bunschoten Fund supports the Delft Chamber Music Festival

The first choice by the Board of The Bunschoten Fund in 2013 was the Delft Chamber Music Festival. The organization has received support for working on the financial continuity in the future in the form of a coaching program that will be executed in 2014. Since its establishment in 1997 the Delft Chamber Music Festival has grown into a world class chamber music festival. In The Netherlands the Festival takes a special place: the audience comes from all over the…

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Support for the International Choral Biennale Haarlem

With a very own outlook on choral song, the Internationale Koorbiënnale Haarlem (International Choral Biennale Haarlem) attracted the attention of The Bunschoten Fund. This organization places singing right in the middle of society, from top choirs coming from the Netherlands and abroad, to amateur ensembles that perform during the open and free ‘Hofjesconcerten’. The Bunschoten Fund has supported the Choral Biennale 2015 with € 7500. We sing together to celebrate our lives, to commemorate our dead, to seduce one another…

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Support for Holland Baroque Society

‘It is no longer natural for children to experience classical music,’ the website of Holland Baroque Society says. ‘Therefore, musicians consider it a mission to share their enthusiasm and their fascination for music with young people.’ The Bunschoten Fund, especially attracted to this focus on the generations who will have to keep classical music alive in the future, has supported Holland Baroque Society with € 5000 for building a new, better website. That is no luxury, because a well-functioning, modern…

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The Bunschoten Fund contributes to the ‘Kindergarten Sienfonietta’ of the Concertgebouw

Many children grow up without classical music. The Concertgebouw established the KleuterSinfonietta (‘Kindergarten Synfonietta’) to create an opportunity to make children acquainted with classical music through their schools. Initiatives like these are in line with the wish of Willem Bunschoten, founder of The Bunschoten Fund, to secure the future of classical music by stimulating new generations. In 2014 the Fund contributed € 10,000 to the KleuterSinfonietta. Apart from making and keeping classical music alive with the youngest generation, schools have…

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Pianoduo Festival establishes ANBI proof foundation with support from The Bunschoten Fund

With a contribution of € 5000 from The Bunschoten Fund, the Pianoduo Festival can establish a fully ANBI-proof foundation. ANBI is the Dutch designation for a Public Benefit Organization, as used by the Dutch Tax Administration. Submitting to the ANBI rules is a requirement for a careful approach to fundraising, but for smaller organization it can be a difficult legal and administrative task. With the contribution from The Bunschoten Fund the Pianoduo Festival can call for fiscal and legal help…

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Coaching and financial support for Tromp Percussion Eindhoven

One of two organizations The Bunschoten Fund chose in 2014 was Tromp Percussion Eindhoven. The Bunschoten Fund aids Tromp with establishing financial continuity in the form of a coaching program, supplemented with a financial contribution. Every two years, Tromp Percussion Eindhoven brings the world’s best percussionists together during the international percussion competition Tromp International Percussion Competition Eindhoven. A week-long competition, surrounded by unique concerts and productions, versatile education projects and a composition competition. Since its founding in 1971, Tromp has…

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The Bunschoten Fund supports new, worldwide String Quartet Biennale

For the worldwide premiere of the String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam, The Bunschoten Fund jumped in. With a contribution of € 15,000 the fundraising could be completed and the first Biennale ever (2018) was given the go-ahead. Worldwide, the String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam is the first festival that celebrates one of the most special genres in classical music so deeply and on such a large scale: the string quartet — the poetry among chamber music. For a whole week in 2018,…

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